Strobing How-to

I know we have all seen the beauty posts showing women with crazy thick brown and white streaks painted on their faces. Contouring is supposed to take our plain-jane selvesย and transform us into gorgeous damesย with a reshaped face with high, sharp cheekbones. Psh! Who has time for all that?!

I have recently discovered a fast, easy way to get the beautiful faces that we wish for. It’s really easy, takes only a few products, and has a gorgeous result!

Strobing is the process of, instead of contouring with concealer, using a highlighter to brighten up the areas of your face where the sun would normally hit.

Makeup Products

These are the products I normally use: a BB cream, bronzer, concealer, loose powder, gel blush, highlighter. None of these are set in stone. If you prefer a thicker foundation- use it. Or if you don’t like using bronzer- that’s ok! I tend to use drugstore products; it’s what works for me.

Strobing- Before

The before. Eh, not too shabby; I can’t really complain. What I love about BB (or CC) creams is that they even out my skin without being too thick. I love the freckles on my face and hate covering them.

Strobing Collage (Contouring)

I use my bronzer to lightly add color to the top outsides of my forehead, underneath my cheekbones, and to the sides and tip of my nose. Nothing too heavy- just a light dusting of color.

Strobing Collage (Contour&Highlight)

After the bronzer I paint on a a little bit of the concealer to the middle of my forehead, down the front of my nose and (most importantly) under my eyes. I tend to be pasty so all the bronzer and concealer does for me is add a little bit of color.

Strobing- Finishing Touch

Once I have finished my entire makeup routine, I go back to my powder highlighter and stipple it onto the middle of my forehead, down the center of my nose, the apple of my chin and across my upper cheekbones. It gives a gorgeous dewy glow.

I always encourage you to play around with clothes and makeup. You may find something you love! Do you have any tips to share?

Strobing- Complete

Strobing- Dewy Highlights

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  • I’ve been doing this for years and I didn’t even know it was a thing. LOL. My favorite product to use as a highlighter is NARS the Multiple in San Tropez. Gives me the right amount of glow and it’s easy to layer and control.

    • I know, right? It’s so easy!
      Orgasm is also a great color. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great tutorial! Also loving your cute bandana head band…

    • Thank you very much!
      As for the headband, It’s just a folded up bandana that I tied around my head. I’m in love with the pin-up girl look, and this is my attempt at achieving the look!

  • You are beautiful and thanks for this beautiful tip.

    • @Shoppersfeed Thank you so much for the kind words!