Gorgeous Watercolors… IKEA Style!

SOMMAR 2016 Blue Fabric

IKEA SOMMAR 2016 Gorgeous Watercolor Design

To know me is to know of my near-fanatical love for IKEA. To me there is nothing better than taking a few hours to wander around my local store. I always come out inspired and overflowing with new decorating or organizing ideas. And at the end of the maze you can indulge in an extra-large cinnamon roll to replenish the calories you just burned. Really. Awesome.

During my most recent visit to IKEA, I kept noticing all of these lovely watercolor cobalt blue products in the new SOMMAR line. I loved them so much that I ended up bringing home a rug, a tray, and placemats.

I know the watercolor finish is so popular right now- and for good reason; it’s just so pretty! I wanted to share with you how you can get that watery, relaxed look right at your local IKEA!

  1. SOMMAR 2016 Dishware: In either cobalt or white, you can get a dinner plate, side plate, bowl, serving dish, and tumbler. Mix the colors together for a beautiful, eclectic tablescape.
  2. SOMMAR 2016 Cushion Cover: These have a velvety soft hand and feature a thick blue stripe in a watercolor finish.
  3. SOMMAR 2016 Place Mats: My dining table is taking a beating from my kids and will be in need of a refinish soon. I’ve been keeping it covered with tablecloths to help protect it, but I feel like I’m always washing tablecloths (kids aren’t the neatest people!). I liked these because they clean with just a simple wipe down. And they’re pretty. Score!
  4. SOMMAR 2016 Tray: I love the look of trays on tables. I use one on my coffee table to hold books and remotes, side table with a lamp, dining table to store my cloth napkins. This round tray I bought to replace the current one on my yellow coffee table. I love the contrast of the dark blue spots on the bright yellow of my table.
  5. SOMMAR 2016 Cushion Cover: This one again has that soft feel- perfect for using as a pillow for those naps on the couch! The design is graphic and bold and would work with a variety of interior styles.
  6. FLONG Rug: While technically this one is not in the same product line as the others, the design fits in perfectly. This is another product I came home with. I have a weird short hallway between my living room and master bedroom, and this rug is the perfect size to add a little interest to that area. Plus it is really soft and plushy to walk on. If blue is not your color, it also comes in a kelly green and a soft grey.
  7. SOMMAR 2016 Beach Bag: Does anyone else have an overabundance of bags? I love bags, and it seems like I can always use another one. This one is great because the top closes with a drawstring so nothing falls out, and comes with a detachable pocket for your keys or wallet.
  8. SOMMAR 2016 Paper Products: I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier set of paper dishware. The designs are all different but coordinate with each other beautifully. If you need to fancy up a party but don’t want to use washable dishes, these are perfect! This line includes all the dishes plus napkins, straws and cups that look great together.
  9. SOMMAR 2016 Fabric: Did you know that you can buy fabric at IKEA? They offer many choices, most of which are colorful and bold in design. This is one of their new fabric offerings. I love the design of this one. From far away, it looks like a simple basketweave pattern, but up close you can tell that each strand is a chevron instead of a straight line.

Which is your favorite? Did you see anything you must have?

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