Colorful Graphic Living Room

Colorful Graphic Living Room2

I mentioned last week that I was feeling the urge to redecorate our downstairs, which includes the living room and kitchen. Over the weekend I spent time cruising through IKEA for inspiration. IKEA is truly one of my favorite stores. Even if you never buy a single item there, the showrooms are great for home decorating ideas. The way they use color and pattern (both of which I love!) are fantastic.

And wouldn’t you know? It worked! I was able to figure out a direction for the new look and I have so many great ideas.

The collage above is the look at the new look I’m trying to achieve. It’s not necessarily the exact items we’ll end up with but more of what they represent.

I’ve fallen in love with graphic black and white stripes for curtains. Did you know IKEA has a fabric department?! I found this fabric that is perfect for what I’m after. I also have a pendant light with this bamboo shade that I’m keeping. Plus, large colorful artwork or vintage travel ads- right up my alley!

Vintage Nancy Drew Collection

Ikea Steampunk Animal Prints

Yellow Coffee Table

I have a collection of Nancy Drew books that I always keep displayed. Those will stay along with the steampunk animal art cards from Ikea. I love a little bit of quirk, and these always make me smile! Plus, my painted yellow coffee table is a bright shot of pick-me-up color. 

Cost Plus World Market Suzani Curtains

Cost Plus World Market Suzani Print Curtains

Throw Pillow Fabrics

Currently we have a bohemian style- very colorful but still cozy and inviting. We started with a neutral backdrop of Ralph Lauren’s County Cork. It’s a warm camel color that showcases brighter colors beautifully. I eventually want to change it for something a little lighter and cooler. Maybe Sherwin Williams Aloof Gray, but I haven’t made any decisions. 

Our living room is large enough that we can easily fit two of the Ikea Ektorp chaise sofas. We have a large family and guests over frequently, so having two of these works out great for us. I definitely plan on keeping these for a while- at least until the kids are a little older. With machine washable and bleachable covers, it’s perfect for this stage in our lives.

The things that will most likely be changing are the Suzani print curtains from Cost Plus World Market (which will be rehung in another room), the pillow fabrics, and wall art.

Chippy Double Clock

Target Gold and Black Globe

I tend to reuse things that I have around, so there will be a lot of rearranging of accessories and some art. I usually end up with quite a few small nail holes in my walls, but the best way for me to really see how things will work together is to put it in place. Nail holes and all.

Do you enjoy decorating? What’s your style?

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  • Carolyn Thurston

    This could be my fav writing to read, simply because I just love home decorating and livingrooms in particular. We seem to have the same eclectic tastes‼️ I would kill for that yellow coffee table. I try to have a colorful or conversation-worthy focal piece in each room and work around it. All of my rooms are a mix of textures, patterns and themes. Not only does this make it all more interesting from my point of view, but it is easier to come across great finds and many inexpensive ones at places like TJ Maxx and More and IKEA. I did a DIY project one winter of framing 11 Rome pictures from a fav Italy calendar and displaying them all on my dining room wall, which is chocolate brown. I also have stacks of hardback books displayed throughout my place by series and color collabs. One half wall has a huge collection that is displayed like they are in a bookcase, minus the bookcase. ? That is a poor girl’s savvy way around not being able to afford a bookcase. At minimum, adding pillows and mixing styles and textures does wonders for a room.

    • Yay- I’m so glad you liked it! I have to admit, this was one of my favorites to write. Maybe I need to do more decorating posts?? Ikea is a girl’s best friend. Their shelves and brackets are so inexpensive. We have shelves everywhere because they cost less than bookcases. I can’t live without my books, and an e-reader just isn’t the same! And my yellow coffee table? It’s the same hand-me-down table we got when we got married all those years ago. I just felt like it needed to be bright yellow! 🙂